Yeah, Airheads make a chicken sandwich


The chicken sandwich war has taken a very strange turn. Earlier this week (especially Tuesday, July 6), Airheads Candy decided to jump in the fray with their own take on the chicken sandwich. Yes, you read that right. Airheads Candy has joined the chicken sandwich war with her very own Fried Chicken Sandwich made from a bun made entirely of Airheads candy. The creation, called Airheads Candy Chicken Sandy, was made for National Fried Chicken Day and it wasn’t a publicity stunt. It was a real sandwich.

The sandwich was unveiled on Airhead’s Instagram where it was described as “the very first Airheads Chicken Sandwich with a Bun. We call it the Airheads Shortbread Candy Chicken” and the short video featuring it assured fans. that he was both real and delicious not to lie. The creation was actually served at Frances’s Deli & Brunchery in Chicago on Tuesday, July 6, at lunchtime and for dinner only.

The Airheads Candy Chicken Sandy consisted of fried chicken, coleslaw, spicy mayo, and pickles which all look pretty normal for a chicken sandwich. It’s the little bread between these ingredients that makes this a truly unique offering. The bun was made entirely of bittersweet Airheads Xtremes. It is a choice that has made many wonder why.

“It’s up to us and all of these other chicken restaurants to find out. On July 6, 2021, National Fried Chicken Day, the world will finally see what is missing in chicken,” Craig Cuchra, vice president of marketing for Perfetti Van Melle North America said in a statement (via River City News).

As you can guess, the Airheads Candy Chicken Sandy has garnered strong reactions online, ranging from interest to disgust. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites and you can check them out below.

What do you think of Airheads Candy Chicken Sandy? Would you like to try? Let us know in the comments.

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