Why is it difficult to get roast chicken at BisMan?


A few Saturdays ago I needed a roast chicken for a lavash I was making that day. I went to Sam’s Club around 12:30 pm thinking I could get a hot, fresh and delicious roast chicken. I walked over to the meat department, only to be crushed to find that there was exactly no roast chicken in the warmer.

I wasn’t even the only one who needed a roast chicken either. Others approached the stove, asking why there was no chicken available. At that time, they said they were just waiting for the chickens to come up to temperature, but they weren’t sure how long to wait. I didn’t have time, so I just walked past Walmart for a chicken.

Guess what? Walmart also didn’t have roast chicken. They hadn’t even started for the day yet and now it was advancing 1:00 in the afternoon! I was shocked that I couldn’t have roast chicken at lunchtime on a Saturday. I really needed it so decided to come back later in the day. Luckily, Sam had it when I got back. But it looks like there might be a problem in town with getting roast chickens.

Something similar happened to my friend recently. She needed two roast chickens, went to Sam’s after work and couldn’t even get one! Luckily, she ended up finding chickens at Dan’s house. But, then, my colleague was also recently at a Dan where the deli was closed. He figured he probably would have bought a roast chicken if he had been available.

And then there was last weekend – I needed another roast chicken, but I was afraid I couldn’t get one. So I called Sam to check and told the person I was talking to that I had a problem getting roast chickens lately. She laughed and told me it’s very hit or miss with availability these days.

What grocery shortages have you noticed lately?

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