Toronto restaurant which was an owner’s preferred area for a fast food chain


The location of a fried chicken chain will most likely soon replace a French restaurant in Toronto that was actually named after a heirloom chicken breed.

Chantecler, one of the best French restaurants in town, has unfortunately been closed since 2019 due to a fire.

Their own neighboring butcher’s shop remained open and the new temporary restaurant Le Phenix was sort of opened while Chantecler stayed closed and served people on a patio.

Now, it looks like the company that owns 1320 Queen Street West, where Chantecler is located, Monde Development, wants to move a fried chicken franchise into space.

Their website says they will be opening five new Mary Brown’s stores in downtown Toronto and that a “flagship location will be on Queen St. W.”

Chantecler owner Jacob Wharton-Shukster told blogTO that previously the owners of the building had expressed that they really wanted Chantecler to return to space and had undertaken plans to restore the building which were delayed all the time. throughout 2020 due to COVID.

It was in early 2021 that the building suddenly went up for sale, Wharton-Shukster said it was to “see what the market looked like” but that plans were not going to change. Everything still seemed to be going well until Wharton-Shukster said he started having more difficulty reaching the World.

In May, Wharton-Shukster received a letter saying the board had decided to use a chain in space, and there were discussions with Wharton-Shukster expressing disappointment with the decision and that the community would probably be disappointed too.

He confirms Chantecler will not be returning to their Queen West location, where they have not operated for months. If Boucherie has another owner, its future and that of the Phoenix remain in limbo.

The Phenix was originally intended for only a six month project and would require a lot of work, with the patio being the only freshly built item. As the lease ends in October, Wharton-Shukster says it looks like it will end.

Regarding Chantecler’s eventual move, he says it’s still too early to be sure of the details.

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