Tony Hawk opens fried chicken restaurant in California


Tony hawk

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Tony Hawk wields a new skill: getting into the restaurant business of fried chicken.

The legendary skateboarder, 53, has teamed up with Chef André Bachelier to create a surf and skate themed chicken restaurant in Encinitas, CA:

Called chick and hawk, the new restaurant is expected to open in spring 2022.

The spot will offer sit-down service and faster, more relaxed ordering for people who want to take their chicken sandwich to the skate park. In addition to the chicken sandwiches, Chick N ‘Hawk will also serve a wide range of seafood, including a shrimp cocktail, fish ceviche, and raw sea bass options.

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Despite being Bachelier’s first solo restaurant, Hawk’s Culinary has long been involved in the restaurant world, according to San Diego Eater. More specifically, he is an investor for several local restaurants, including Animae, Grass & Sea and Del Mar Market.

But Hawk is more than investing this time around. The retired skater is the restaurant’s chief taste tester and is working on the restaurant’s design to capture a ’90s aesthetic, according to San Diego Eater.

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In the meantime, 2022 will be rich in projects for the legendary skater. A documentary produced by the Duplass brothers is in the works and is set to hit theaters after its debut at the 2022 fall festival.

The documentary will describe the athlete’s career and his influence on the skate scene in the 1990s and early 2000s.

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