Three Cedar Rapids men have big plans for a downtown restaurant / bar


A downtown Cedar Rapids restaurant and bar that closed just over two weeks ago won’t be vacant for long. Three Cedar Rapidians with extensive experience in the local food and entertainment industry have announced that they will be opening a new business there.

Grin N Goose at 2nd Ave. and 3rd St. SE closed on June 26, but it will house a new restaurant and bar owned by Tim Kindl, Justin Zehr and Cale Henderson. Three guys who know what they’re doing.

Kindl and Zehr already work in tandem at three different popular establishments in Cedar Rapids: Brick’s Bar and Grill, LP Street Food, and Moco Game Room and Hot Dog Bar.

Henderson is the Talent Buyer for Cedar River Landing and most recently ran Cocktails and Company. He’s also getting ready to open the Classic Event Center concert hall in the Town and Country Mall along First Ave. HE Henderson announced just under a month ago that he would be “involved in (the) ownership and day-to-day operations of Moco and the newly acquired Grin N Goose.”

According to KCRG, the three men will name their new downtown business Cliff’s Dive Bar & Grill. Henderson told KCRG he would describe it as a “fancy dive bar. Fun, great food, great atmosphere. Something the downtown area doesn’t …”

When revealing his involvement with the new restaurant and bar, Henderson said, “The Grin N Goose property is as beautiful as any downtown building with nothing but potential.” He is absolutely right. I can’t wait to see what Cale, Tim and Justin do with this place. We will be sure to let you know when Cliff’s Dive Bar & Grill opens in the coming months.

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