This Popular Asian Fried Chicken Chain Opens 23 New Locations In 5 States


For years, it was known as a beloved NYC late night spot where groups of friends flocked after a night out at the bars. It’s a favorite – fans of this restaurant know there is nothing else on the planet like the crunchiness of this warm, tender chicken, or the sweet and salty sauce it is coated with. But it was all just the beginning. Currently operating in more than 20 states, this Korean fried chicken chain is now invading a new segment of the country. If you know, you know: if this chain gets to a stage near you, your taste buds might not be quite the same.

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The Bonchon Chicken The brand’s history explains that the restaurant was born in Busan, South Korea, in 2002 and traveled to New York City in 2006. Many diners who tasted it found Bonchon to be an instant obsession with unique flavors and precise textures, often served inside buckets that made sharing with friends delicious.

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Bonchon Chicken has grown since then, with more than 110 locations in the United States in 21 states including Florida, Texas, California and Colorado, to name a few. (The brand also claims to currently have 370 locations worldwide.)


Now, having seen 18% growth over the past two years, Bonchon Chicken is aggressively growing in the Midwest. Bonchon has just announced franchise agreements to open its first five branches in Michigan (including two in Detroit), as well as three restaurants in the Cincinnati area.

This is in addition to several other stores in Fort Worth, TX, Queens, NY and Wilmington, DE, which according to a press release is new territory for the Bonchon brand.

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Fans already familiar with Bonchon Chicken associate the name with great flavor, but a little anecdote: The brand says “Bonchon” actually translates to “my hometown” in Korean.

Today, their menu with distinct and down-to-earth origins has gained international renown. In 2020, Business intern named Chicken Bonchon “the gold standard for fried chicken” in relation to wings from Hooters, Wingstop, Buffalo Wild Wings and TGI Fridays.

Bonchon notes that this year alone they have been named among the News from the nation’s restaurants The 500 best restaurants, as well as of the entrepreneur List of franchises 500 and Fast Casual The magazine’s top 100 movers and shakers.

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