This easy hack makes perfectly grated chicken in no time – Watch the video here


If there’s one ingredient that strikes the perfect balance between health and taste, it’s chicken. From salads to soups and main courses to finger foods, chicken is found in countless preparations. In addition to being high in protein, chicken is also loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. Humble meat is quite versatile and can be cooked in a number of ways. However, shredding chicken for dishes can often be quite a difficult task. A New Easy Cooking Tip has found a simple trick to make perfectly grated chicken in no time. Are you wondering how? Watch the video to find out.

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Shared on Instagram by user @ raising.wildlings, the hack received over 21.6 views and 1.4k likes. “Honestly, the best hack of my adult life,” she captioned the article. In the short video clip, we could see whole pieces of chicken kept in a deep-bottomed pan. The user brought a hand blender into the pan and the entire batch of chicken was shredded within seconds.

How simple and practical isn’t it? Gone are the days when you had to shred chicken manually with a fork. The tedious process has become extremely easy with this brilliant hack. This is also another good reason to invest in a hand blender for your kitchen. Instagram users also couldn’t get enough of the chicken shredding hack. ” What the hell ! I wasted so much time grinding with 2 forks, ”commented one user while another said,“ Can’t wait to try!

You can use grated chicken to make chicken soup or salad, use it in sauces, or just make a sandwich or burger with it.

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