The reason Colonel Sanders once tried to compete with KFC

As KFC grew and opened up many locations, the recipes for fried chicken and gravy changed from the Sanders originals in order to standardize them. KFC’s head office wanted to ensure that employees could recreate the same recipes from one location to another without discrepancies, according to the New Yorker. The Colonel’s sauce recipe in particular was said to be labor-intensive and time-consuming, leading to issues of potential differences between restaurants as well as additional labor costs, according to the article.

But the Colonel disagreed and even went so far as to say – along with a critic who worked for the New York Times – that “this is the worst fried chicken I have ever seen”, while the two had dinner at a New York restaurant, according to Mental floss.

Discovering that the Chicken was a far cry from what he created that initially launched the KFC Empire, he encouraged the Colonel to open another restaurant that would compete with the chain. He called her “Claudia Sanders, the Colonel’s Lady”, the name of his new wife at the time, for Uproxx. Understandably, KFC was not happy with its decision to deliberately open a competing restaurant and sued Mr. Sanders for $ 120 million. In the end, the two sides settled out of court for a lesser but substantial sum of $ 1 million, and Mr Sanders sold the place, according to Uproxx. Interestingly enough, the restaurant is still open and operates under the name Claudia Sanders Diner House in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

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