‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond puts a smile on Taco Tuesday with her tangy, fresh pineapple chicken tacos


Need to add a little spicy flavor to your regular weekday dinner?

The pioneer woman Ree Drummond’s Pineapple Chicken Tacos save dinner time with their fresh taste and sweet warmth. Warning: they can quickly become a new favorite.

“The Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond | Donna Svennevik / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

What you’ll need to make Drummond’s pineapple tacos

For this really delicious taco recipe (full recipe and instructions here), you will need skinless chicken thighs, salt and pepper, green onions, garlic, pineapple juice, hot sauce, honey and tortillas.

For the accompanying pineapple salad, the recipe calls for broccoli salad, mayonnaise, chipotle sauce, and a zested and squeezed lime.

Plus, have pineapple wedges and cilantro leaves on hand for your taco toppings.

Assemble these tangy tacos

To make this tasty dinner, the vegetable oil is heated in a large skillet and the chicken is browned for about two minutes on each side. Garlic and scallions are added and also cooked, being careful not to burn them (“shake them around the pan and make sure they get in,” Drummond says).

The juice, hot sauce and honey are mixed together, then the Food Network star notes that it “gets poured all over the chicken, garlic and scallions … the flavor is everywhere!”

This is a good time to reheat the tortillas in the oven while you prepare the coleslaw. Mayonnaise, chipotle sauce, lime zest and some of the juice (“this will add a nice flavor”) are mixed and mixed with packaged coleslaw (“there is nothing like a bag of salad ready-made broccoli cabbage ”).

Continue to simmer the sauce the chicken was cooking in (“I’ll put the heat on the lowest setting just to make sure the sauce continues to reduce and turns nice and thick”).

Slice the chicken and serve the tacos on top of the tortillas, along with the pineapple wedges, broccoli salad, cilantro if using and some of this reduced and thickened chicken thigh sauce.

Drummond fans congratulate him on pineapple chicken tacos

This spicy, sweet, and tangy combo clearly struck a chord on the Food Network site, where fans sang the praises of the recipe.

“I just did it for dinner,” said one reviewer. “It’s fantastic! Full of flavor, quick to prepare and the perfect amount for two.

Another home cook warned anyone who isn’t a big fan of too much heat in their food: “Excellent. The chipotle sauce is spicy, so take it slow [i]if you don’t like the heat too much.

By making a few changes, another fan changed the part of the chicken used and an ingredient in the coleslaw: “Loved it! I had to use a mix of regular coleslaw and chicken fillets because that’s what I had on hand, but the flavor combination was awesome! Will be in my regular rotation for sure.

“We loved how the sweet pineapple played on the smoky chipotle and bright cilantro. Another Pioneer Woman Guardian, ”said another fan.

When you need your taco fix, make The Pioneer Woman Easy, Airy, Tangy and Zesty Pineapple Chicken Tacos.

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