The last page, the pasta cooperative and more


The editors of Cleveland Magazine share the best local dishes they have eaten this month.

James Bigley II, Editor-in-Chief
The last chicken sandwich on the last page ($ 18)
The definitive answer to our current fried chicken trend, this sandwich from The Last Page marries a mix of sweet and spicy flavors with crunchy textures that pop. Pickled banana peppers are a perfect accompaniment to yum yum sauce alongside iceberg lettuce on a Hawaiian bun. 100 Park Ave., Suite 128, Cleveland, 216-465-1008,

Luxe Bénédicte

Arbela Capas, associate editor
Luxe Benedict in the kitchen and living room ($ 15)
There are few things that are perfect for a brunch than a good Egg Benedict. Luxe Benedict reverses the classic dish scenario by replacing the English muffin with a savory aged cheddar potato cake. From perfectly poached eggs to a creamy herb hollandaise sauce and warm capicola, this elevated brunch strikes the perfect balance between the old and the new. 6605 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, 216-920-0600,

Pasta Co-Op Vermont Mac & Cheese

Henry Palattella, Deputy Editor-in-Chief
The Pasta Co-Op Vermont Mac & Cheese ($ 11.95)
Of course, there are subtle nuances and differences in the preparation, but at the end of the day all the macaroni and cheese fades away. And then I ate Pasta Co-Op’s Vermont Mac And Cheese. Spiral noodles are cooked to perfection and topped with copious amounts of Co-Op’s signature Strong Vermont Cheddar Sauce. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can shell out a bit more to have your mac topped with everything from mushrooms to barbecue sauce.
187 Crocker Park Blvd., Westlake, 440-892-2667,

The dressed wings of the Rush Inn

Dillon Stewart, Associate Editor
The traditional “clothed” wings of the Rush Inn ($ 7 half, $ 13 full)
For 40 years, this Lakewood institution has been the home of alcohol and food in dive bars. Although it also offers “bare” or non-breaded wings, the “dressed” breaded and fried wings are renowned for their crunchiness and gigantic size. Plus, Fat Boy Sauce – a mix of nacho cheese and barbecue – is a perfect guilty pleasure. 17800 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, 216-221-3224,

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