Start planning your Zehnder’s Snowfest trip now


Last week I told you about some things to do and / or enjoy to make the transition from fall to summer a little more bearable. Finding ways to make winter bearable is a little trickier. One thing (other than a flask) that makes a Michigan winter more fun is Zehnder’s annual Snowfest.

This annual event features incredible snow and ice sculptures created by professional ice and snow sculptors from around the world. Can you believe this event has been around for over 30 years? Oh and by the way, it’s a free event. How cool is that?

Zehnder Snowfest will take place January 26-31, 2022. If you are planning to stay in or near Frankenmuth for the festivities, I strongly suggest that you reserve your hotel room (s) now. People come from all over for this event. I live in Fenton, but have stayed in Frankenmuth in the past to take advantage of the event. Not having to worry about driving gives you the option of having a drink at the festival or maybe downtown Tiffany’s Food & Spirits and Frankenmuth Brewery. It’s about planning ahead.

I have yet to try the Prost Wine Bar & Charcuterie. Have you ever been there? Believe me, you won’t go hungry or thirsty in downtown Frankenmuth. I haven’t even mentioned the chicken yet. It is a tradition for many families to come to Zehnder’s or the Bavarian Inn for a family style chicken dinner.

Well, at least I have one thing I’m looking forward to in January – after that I’ll really need your help finding some fun things to do. Winter is going to be long and cold. Give me my bottle.

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