Southwestern Ohio fraud scheme funded drugs, gambling and fried chicken


September 1 – A man and woman from Dayton admitted to stealing checks, credit cards, debit cards, bank account information and social security numbers to pay for illegal drugs, gambling, of motel rooms and fast food restaurants, Vipal Patel, interim US attorney for the Southern District of Ohio announced Tuesday.

Myrtle Lynn “Mi Mi” Jackson, 38, pleaded guilty on Tuesday, and Joshua Dylan “Jo Jo” Chapman, 29, pleaded guilty on August 4 to conspiracy to access device fraud and theft of identity aggravated, according to a statement.

Chapman and Jackson stole financial documents and information of victims from vehicles, mailboxes, and occupied and unoccupied residences. The co-conspirators used the victims’ information to fraudulently apply for personal loans, student loans, unemployment benefits, credit and debit cards and checks. The pair used the proceeds of their fraud scheme to purchase illicit drugs and made purchases at local stores and two fried chicken fast food chains. Fraudulent funds were also used to pay for motel rooms and gambling at a Dayton casino, court documents show.

The activity ran from May 28, 2019, triggered by the Memorial Day tornadoes, to May 11, 2021, the statement said.

Conspiring to defraud an access device is a federal crime with a penalty of up to 90 months in prison. Aggravated identity theft carries a mandatory two-year prison sentence in addition to any other penalties imposed.

A sentencing date has not been set.

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