PUBG’s latest update will introduce smoke grenade launcher and treacherous chickens


PUBG 14.2 is slated for release on November 3 and 11 for PC and consoles, respectively, and will introduce a bunch of new weapons like the M79 Mortar and Smoke Grenade Launcher. During this time, the Taego map will be overrun with flocks of chickens.

That’s right! While attempting to win a chicken dinner, you will frequently encounter the birds themselves across the landscape of Taego. They will also be used for something. Based on the behavior of the chickens, you will be able to tell when an enemy is nearby. But remember that this will work both ways, so your position could also be compromised by the poultry.

They aren’t the only new addition to Taego, either. The Mortar weapon will be exclusive to the map and will provide a means of attacking areas that are beyond the range of grenades. To use it, you will need to calculate the distance and adjust accordingly.

Meanwhile, the M79 Smoke Grenade Launcher is coming in the next patch. It is a more defensive weapon that can provide smoke blanket at a longer range. This could come in handy as a cover for a downed teammate or as a way to escape a dire situation, Team Rocket style.

Finally, patch 14.2 will introduce a new Down But Now Out Swimming feature. You will no longer die instantly when killed in water. Instead, you can swim slowly to shore where your teammates can revive you.

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