PUBG New State Review – “Not-So-New, But Still Nice State”

Krafton’s PUBG New State has been out for a few weeks now, and while I’m a little late for the party, it’s still a party. The popular battle royale game got my adrenaline pumping with every new match, but is it worth developing an obsession for?

PUBG New State visuals

Supposedly a new and improved version of PUBG Mobile, PUBG New State takes gamers to a futuristic world devastated by battles but also still pretty cool. The Troi map itself is sleek and technologically advanced, despite the battle damaged appearance. In particular, I enjoyed the tram that runs the map on its own, providing players with a bit of refuge when they need to take a break (or take a quick ride).

You can always change the graphics in your Settings menu to suit your device, so to be honest the resolution improvement will really depend on what you’re playing on. I recommend playing on a tablet at the very least, as the UI is littered with a whole bunch of icons that will frankly ruin your entire gaming experience if you keep accidentally tapping the wrong thing.

You can move around with your left thumb (with a handy “run” function) and change the camera angles with your right. There are also dedicated buttons for crouching, pulling, shifting, etc., but it all feels cramped on a smaller screen and can be very frustrating when you’re in a rush because someone, something hand, shoots you.

PUBG New State gameplay

Still, when you do get to grips with the controls, you’ll find that the whole experience can be quite enjoyable. There never seems to be a limit to the number of ways you can kill a person here, making for some incredibly diverse matches every time. PUBG New State DP28 Weapons Showcase

For example, more than just taking down someone in cold blood, you can use the new drone shop to your advantage. It lets you scout for valuable resources even while you’re in the middle of a match, using drone credits to earn goodies that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Of course, if you want to think outside the box, you can use this tactic to lure someone to a specific location.

In particular, the Drone Shop will deploy an actual drone to your location to deliver the goods. You can either use the supplies or deliberately lure enemies into that drop zone and then snip them when they come to get you.

You can also recruit a downed enemy by reviving them and having them join your team when you still have room on your roster, although I think this is a bit counterproductive as it could slow down your tactics. team to have a beginner you will need to reorient yourself in the middle of a game.

What’s the call?

As with the rest of the genre, winning is more about skill than what your wallet can give you. Paying for cool stuff doesn’t automatically make you better in the game – you can only have basic gear and you can still win that sweet, sweet chicken dinner at the end of the day. Chicken Dinner Screen

Example: During a match, I personally saw my teammates sweep these 100 players with ease as I died somewhere in the far corner of an abandoned building. They didn’t even need to recruit someone else, because they were so good (and I was such a noob).

Still, it looks a bit like a simple reskin, and the content isn’t too deep at the moment. I also ran into a few bugs along the way, but that’s probably because the game hasn’t been released for too long (the most annoying bug I encountered was losing my account completely when I first released it. started).

PUBG New State offers a fun battle royale experience for anyone looking for a “new game” on mobile. It’s fine to be in a game or two every now and then, but it’s not something I’m going to purposefully lose sleep on anytime soon, as there are unfortunately better ways to spend my screen time. on mobile there. But if you’re craving a new take on the franchise, at the very least, the game should be enough to relieve that itch.

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