PLAN AHEAD: Make a Chicken Pie


► Make a chicken pie

Join Chef Michele from her Cape Cod kitchen as she walks you through the process of making a classic chicken pie from scratch! You go first learn to make Michele’s puff pastry crust. Keep the recipe because it can be used for future sweet and savory pastries! Mix together the ingredients and roll out the dough so that it can be used as the top and bottom flaky layer of your pie. Then you’ll work together to make the Chicken Pie Filling, marrying the gorgeous, creamy textures and flavors that make this recipe so memorable and enjoyable. It truly is a treat to capture chicken, veg and gravy in a delicious pie crust. July 19. Register on

Cooking for good digestion

Our digestive tract plays a crucial role in our health. It helps us digest and absorb nutrients from our food, but it’s also vital for our immune function, mood, and neurological health. When digestion is not working optimally, it can lead to uncomfortable digestive symptoms, fatigue, body aches and more. Imagine if your digestive symptoms could be avoided or reduced by adding key healthy foods. Sign up for this delicious culinary nutrition experience, where you’ll learn about the important role food plays in the digestive tract and what to eat to support your gut. health as well as to gain hands-on experience with cooking recipes. All of the recipes are easy to digest, gluten free, dairy free and totally delicious. July 23. Register at

The choice is yours

Have you ever made a decision and then wondered if it was the right one? Or, procrastinated due to self-doubt or a feeling of uncertainty about the best path for you? Our choices define who we are and when we’re not sure who we are or how we feel, it can undermine the confidence needed to make decisions. When we are in contact with our true selves and our true desires, we can be convinced of the actions we want to take. This workshop entitled The Art Decision Making: A free webinar on holistic wellness will focus on reconnecting with yourself to discover what you really feel and align with what is right for you. July 1 6. Register at


► Learn cyanotype engraving

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces prints in the color cyan-blue. It was invented by the English photographer John Herschel to make plans for architectural drawings and engineering models. This method was adopted because it was inexpensive and simple. Two chemicals, ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide are used in the process. Prints are developed by exposing the chemically coated paper to sunlight, which causes different chemical reactions. Mediums like watercolor paper, cotton and wool are used. The method gives a vintage look to the products. Now learn all about Cyanotype: Engraving Art Workshop. July 31 at 11 a.m. Register at

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