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It starts with the spinach, which is made creamy by the addition of Boursin cheese; it is the white cheese spread with garlic and fine herbs. Artichoke hearts are added, as well as capers, chicken and lemon zest, which brings a nice luminosity to the whole dish.

And there is also chicken broth and a little flour – but no roux – cream and mixed vegetables, as some traditions are worth keeping.

Naturally, it’s topped with a pretty and tempting round of puff pastry. There isn’t a lot in life that can’t be improved with a little puff pastry.

My final dish is wonderful for brunch, simple and impressive, even if it takes a while to prepare.

At its heart, fried eggs with Parmesan and potato roesti are just hash browns (of the grated and fried type) topped with sunny eggs and a generous pinch of salted Parmesan. What could be better than that?

Roesti is the Swiss version of a potato pancake. The potatoes are grated lengthwise and fried in butter in a single layer across the width of the pan. That way you end up with a single 12 inch potato pancake or a potato pancake.

Once the roesti is placed on a platter, the same pan is used to fry all the eggs at the same time. They also cover the entire bottom of the pan and slide over the potatoes as a single unit.

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