Nani’s roast chicken is now open at the Ponce city market, with a Vietnamese and pho and Korean umbrella bar opening soon.

The first new food stalls, part of a $ 175 million expansion of the Ponce City market, began opening in late November, including a roast chicken stall from Chai Pani and Botiwalla chef Meherwan Irani and a Vietnamese food and Vietvana pho stand. Look for a Korean food and drink stand from Poke Burri co-owner Seven Chan, which will open early next year.

The 5,000 square foot expansion encompasses part of the first floor of the central dining hall, with entrances across from the roof and door ticket booth of Collier Candy Co. and El Super Pan.

Nani’s roast chicken

Nani’s roast chicken joins Irani Botiwalla’s grilled Indian street food and kebab stand at Ponce City Market on November 29. Irani first opened Nani’s Roast Chicken in 2020 at Asheville’s Grove Arcade. The menu features roast chicken rubbed with piri-piri or Provence herbs from Iranian spice company Spicewalla, accompanied by side dishes like corn pudding, au gratin potatoes and an heirloom grain salad. Irani also plans to open a permanent Spicewalla location in the market in early 2022, containing cookbooks, pantry items and more than 250 spices and blends. A temporary kiosk is currently installed in the courtyard.

Then, in December, Dinh Tran and Khanh Dang opened a third location of their Vietnamese restaurant and Vietvana pho store in the expanded part of the dining hall. Tran and Dang first opened Vietvana at Avondale Estates two years ago, followed by a location in Midtown in 2020. Dishes on the menu mirror those found in the couple’s childhood towns of Hue and Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Tran’s mother, Tina Nguyen, often helps in the kitchen at current locations and creates dishes based on family recipes. The Ponce City Market food stall features ten bar seats and a menu focused on pho and bánh mì.

Poke Burri co-founder Seven Chan will be opening a Korean food and drink kiosk Umbrella Bar early next year, inspired by Korean night markets. Expect kimbob, bibimbap, meat skewers, and Korean corn dogs paired with Korean beers, soju, cocktails, and slushies. Design plans call for two-counter seating with umbrellas hanging from the ceiling.

Ponce City market owner Jamestown Properties announced the expansion of 500,000 square feet last year with the addition of a 400-unit tower and a 100,000-square-foot building including offices, retail and new restaurant stands in the food hall. A SweetGreen salad and cereal bowl restaurant recently opened adjacent to SoulCycle on the North Avenue side of the resort.

Ponce City’s market expansion plans were criticized earlier in November after a AJC The investigation found that Jamestown had asked the Development Authority of Fulton County (DAFC) to consider property tax relief of $ 8 million.

Critics have denounced Jamestown and the company’s demand for massive tax incentives on the multi-million dollar expansion, citing future Beltline tax revenues that are supposed to help pay for the trail through new and expanded development. Others pointed to the surge in house prices in the area, the lack of affordable housing options and the drop in prices for former residents of the Old Fourth Ward spurred by the opening of the Ponce City market seven years ago. and other expensive developments along the Eastside Trail.

According to representatives from Jamestown, Ponce City Market allocates 20% of its residential units to affordable housing and donates a portion of the parking fees to Atlanta Beltline.

Jamestown has since withdrawn its proposed $ 8 million tax break to the DAFC as members of the authority’s board are currently unable to justify the need for such incentives, the AJC reports.

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