KFC’s Princess Diana Inspired Sweater Is Spencer’s Strange Movie


To celebrate Spencer’s release, KFC UK is selling a sweater inspired by Princess Diana’s iconic black sheepskin sweater with a fun twist.

KFC UK sells Princess Diana-inspired sweater to celebrate Spencer‘s Release. Pablo Larraín’s most recent biographical drama, which opened on November 5, follows a turbulent three-day period in the life of Princess Diana in 1991 as she joins the British Royal Family for Christmas festivities at Queen’s Sandringham Estate. Spencer stars Kristen Stewart as Diana, Princess of Wales. She is chosen alongside Jack Farthing who plays Prince Charles, Stella Gonet as Queen Elizabeth II and Richard Sammel as Prince Philip. The film received a three-minute standing ovation at its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, with many critics praising Stewart’s captivating performance. The actress is currently creating a buzz at the Oscars for her role as a troubled and enigmatic princess.

While Spencer is based on actual tales, it is primarily a fictional tale of what might have happened when Princess Diana decided to end her tumultuous marriage to Prince Charles. The film is injected with haunting flashbacks and dramatization to describe what could have gone through Diana’s head as she tries to keep a perfectly royal façade amid her crumbling personal life. At the end of the movie, Diana decides to leave Sandringham and takes young William and Harry to KFC for a nice regular meal of fried chicken.

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In the same way by Spencer Very successful first, KFC United Kingdom offers a limited edition Princess Diana-inspired sweater. Rightly called “The Spencer”, the product is inspired by Diana’s iconic black sheep wool sweater that she wore several times in the ’80s and’ 90s. Designed by Warm and Wonderful, the Princess Sweater de Galles was a bright red top that featured several white sheep and a black one that stood out from the flock. Fittingly, KFC’s witty touch features chickens instead of sheep. Fast food giant sells The Spencer, according to their website sweater for £ 35. The item is sustainably made and all proceeds will be donated to the KFC Foundation, which supports local youth organizations in the UK. Check it out below:

Because the iconic black sheep sweater did not appear in Spencer (Emma Corrin sported a replica in The crown season 4), many people are confused by the Diana-KFC connection. However, most fans who have seen the movie recognize the playful version of fast food and have had fun making jokes about it on social media. “It’s like the ninth circle of capitalist hell and I still want it a little bit Lord, help me”, wrote a Twitter user. “I would expect to see the Diana KFC sweater in Vogue”, writes another.

Like many of Diana’s outfits, the black sheepskin sweater would carry a statement of rebellion and defiance against Prince Charles and the Royal Family. In contrast, the version of KFC is simply an unusual memory for those who have seen the film.. While the biopic is a heavy psychological drama, KFC’s light take makes it a cool collector’s item and, not to mention, it’s for a good cause. The fact that the fast food chain jumped on the Spencer mania is proof that Stewart’s latest film is certainly one of the most talked about movies of the year.

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Source: KFC United Kingdom

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