Green Bay Correctional Facility Fundraising Project Provides Students With Books For Christmas

GREEN BAY, WB (WBAY) – Green Bay Correctional Facility is giving back to students this year by providing hundreds of books.

Planning for the joint fundraising project between GBCI and Tank Primary School began in September, but hardly happened after a third-party restaurant pulled out at the last minute. However, a local restaurant saved the day by offering to intervene.

A chicken dinner would be offered to people inside the GBCI, while adding a charitable donation of $ 2 to buy books.

“Individuals who are in prison are paid for homework and schoolwork assignments, but that is not what you would expect in the community. 1:20 PM The amount they would be paid could average 20 cents an hour, ”said Randall Hepp, acting director. “So if you equate that to someone making $ 15 an hour in community work, that donation will be the equivalent of $ 150.”

Hepp said the support was immediate.

“Very positive. There are only about 930 people here. Each person was allowed to order up to two meals and in total over 800 meals are purchased,” Hepp said.

After the money had already been collected, the national chain that was supposed to provide the meals backed out at the last minute.

“With an email, they said, ‘We can’t help you, you’re alone,” Hepp said. “It’s a very difficult challenge in a correctional facility, when we extend it to people, we must remove them. “

Fortunately, a member of the GBCI staff contacted Jason Baugnet of Susters Arcade in Denmark.

“Jason’s response was initially a hesitation because of the size, but it didn’t take long for the attitude to change to ‘We can do this, let’s try,’ Hepp said.

With two weeks notice, Susters Arcade hosted over 800 Chicken Dinners, helping to raise over $ 2,000. With the funds, GBCI was able to purchase 340 books for the students at Tank Elementary.

“I think they’re going to be surprised. It’s not something they expect, so I can’t wait for them to see they have a gift, ”said Janay Banks-Wilson, principal of Tank Elementary School. “Perhaps to our older students, we can explain how they get these freebies from books, so that they again understand the partnership and the importance of school and community. “

“I think the message that can be taken from that is that even if you are in a position where you are fighting or going through a difficult time, you can still do good, as these children grow into young adults and then the adults and if they take away this event, the message that even when they are struggling, there is always the opportunity to do good. It will let us all know that what we did today is worth it, ”said Hepp.

Each Tank Elementary student will receive two books to take home and unwrap for Christmas. All the organization and packaging was done by the inmates of the GBCI.

As a thank you to Susters Arcade, GBCI will present them with a plaque for making this Christmas special for so many this holiday season.

“I spoke to the four gentlemen who participated in the wrapping of the gifts and they said they appreciated it. They got more out of it than they gave and they hope they can do more in the future, ”said Hepp.

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