Do you like fried chicken? Here’s how to order your KFC meal via WhatsApp


KFC South Africa is making it easier for customers to access their popular fried chicken dishes after the launch of Chat Commerce. This chat ordering platform allows hungry customers to place an order through the popular WhatsApp messaging service.

Nicholas Duminy, Digital and Ecommerce Director of KFC SA, said: “As a consumer-led organization, we understand the limits that high data costs can place in online transactions. WhatsApp, with its low data consumption, is the perfect channel to mitigate this. Connecting with and responding to the youth market has always been a top priority. The KFC chat ordering channel is a great way to do this in an innovative way.

“For the first time in South Africa, you can discuss what you want for dinner with your friends, and then on the same channel, place your KFC order. Everything happens on WhatsApp and with the payment options coming soon to this channel, it offers a convenience like never before ”, he added according to BusinessTech.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Record the number 087 153 1074 on your phone, or send a message to the KFC chat line by clicking on the connect. You may need to scan a QR code.
  2. Type “Hi” to get the ball rolling.
  3. Select your order thanks to SMS responses that answer the questions asked (by responding with a number, a word or an emoji).
  4. Select the KFC restaurant you want to pick up.
  5. Pay at the selected store, however, customers will soon have the option to pay securely via WhatsApp.
  6. Pick up your order.

According to The citizen, this service is currently only available for Click and Collect.

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