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December seems like a strange time of year to get excited about new weeknight recipes. There is so much to do as the holidays approach. Lean on the watches! Order take out! You are busy.

And yet – it’s surely a procrastination technique – I’m in full cooking mode, trying out recipes I’ve never made a few nights a week, feeling blown away by the news on New York Times Cooking when I see their photos. in our meetings team. A few of my recent favorites are below.

One more thing: We just released our collection of the 50 Most Popular New Recipes of 2021. I think you’ll like # 1. Almost everyone loves # 1. you at # 5.) As always, email me to tell me what you think and what recipes you need. I am [email protected]

I like all parmes, but they’re usually not quick to make. (Chicken Parmesan, for example, requires breading and a pan before assembling the dish.) That’s why I’m especially excited about this new recipe from Hetty McKinnon – a streamlined vegetarian approach that’s easy to make and can be completed in about 30 minutes.

I reveled in this clever recipe from Kay Chun, inspired by chirashi. Instead of making sushi rice and then seasoning it, she cooks the rice in vinegar and cooks the salmon directly on top. And then there’s the green onion and ginger vinaigrette and the crunchy vegetables she serves it with. It is so incredibly good.

See this recipe.

At one point this year, I really loved bacon as an ingredient in pasta dishes. It is miraculous. A little goes a long way, and the fat in the pan brings that irresistible flavor and richness of smoke to the simplest of sauces, as this recipe from Lidey Heuck demonstrates. This is the cutting edge winter pasta.

See this recipe.

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