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(CNN) – Chipotle is testing pollo asado in two US cities, marking the first time in nearly 30 years that the chain has experimented with a new chicken recipe.

The limited-time offer launched Tuesday at 95 restaurants in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Sacramento, California. In a statement, Chipotle said the chicken was seasoned with a dry blend of several spices, including cumin and guajillo peppers, then seared on the grill and finished with garlic, chillies and freshly squeezed lime.

Chicken is a “first choice for protein” among its customers, according to Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer of Chipotle. He said the pollo asado option is “another perfect addition” to his current chicken selection, which includes adobo flavored chicken.

Similar to other new menu items, Chipotle uses its trusted “step process” to test pollo asado before releasing it nationwide. The most recent menu item the chain tested using this process was plant-based chorizo ​​in locations in Denver and Indianapolis. Other offerings that started in a few U.S. cities before expanding nationwide include cauliflower in rice, carne asada and its popular quesadilla.

Chipotle recently smoked brisket added to American menus, but the offer is disappearing from restaurants sooner than expected because it has proven so popular with customers.

Chipotle has performed well over the past few months, despite raising the prices of its menus to cover higher salary and ingredient costs. In the third quarter, revenue increased 22% to $ 2 billion. Sales in restaurants open for 13 months or more increased by 15%.

However, as with other restaurant chains, Chipotle said “uncertainty remains on several fronts” that could affect its fourth quarter results, including staffing issues and inflation.

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