Butter Chicken Biryani, Karnatak Chicken Biryani and 7 other regional biryanis you absolutely must try


Everyone loves Biryani, and there is no two way to do it. We will proudly compete with each other for the title of World’s Greatest Biryani Lover and it wouldn’t be shocking to see that we have not one but thousands of people claiming this title. And rightly so, the biryani looks like heaven’s food, the aromatic chewy biryani rice with big juicy chunks of tasty chicken, the whole spice essence, kewda and rose water giving it just the royal touch. it needs with the perfect sides of a chilled spicy salan or bondi raita. The mere description of the heavenly meal makes us salivate; now you see why we are obsessed with this?

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As Indians we have taken our love for biryani to a much higher level as we have not one but several biryani recipes from all over the country to try. From Kashmir to Karnataka to Kolkata, every biryani recipe is an explosion of flavors and you will want more. So if you think you are the biggest fan of biryani or just looking to experiment with the varieties of Indian cuisine, here is a list of regional biryanis from all over the country to make and devour.

9 regional Biryanis from all over the country:

1. Cashmere Sheep Biryani:

The list starts with this rich Kashmiri mutton biryani. Kashmiri meat dishes are known for their regal touch and exquisite taste and this mutton biryani is no different. Cooked entirely in ghee and loaded with whole spice flavors, get the recipe for this delicacy here.

Kashmir is known for its rich and royal meat dishes and this biryani is no shortage of that description.

2. Degi Biryani:

Coming to the heart of the country, this degi biryani completely captures the true flavors of Old Delhi streets. This Delhi-style biryanis uses spicy chili pickle when preparing the rice. Can’t wait to try this? Read the recipe here.

3. Chicken Biryani Kolkata:

From the east comes this simple yet drool-worthy chicken biryani that doesn’t taste like other people. Made from the special Bengali biryani masala, mitha ittar, whole boiled eggs and potatoes, this treat is not to be missed. Want to try this delicacy? Read the recipe here.

Kolkata biryani facebook

Fragrant and tasty, this biryani is a treat not to be missed

4. Awadhi / Lucknow Sheep Biryani:

Back on the mainland, there’s no way we can forget Lucknow when talking about delicious meat recipes. This Awadhi Mutton Biryani is made with succulent pieces of meat slowly cooked in dry roasted masalas and covered with soft rice in a handi. Are you still drooling? Click here for the recipe

5. Butter Chicken Biryani:

Well the name needs no introduction, we say butter chicken and you are transported directly to the fertile lands of the Punjab. Fluffy aromatic rice dripping with ghee and crunchy cashews, layered on top of a rich creamy butter chicken sauce, need we say more? Can’t wait to try this? Click here for the recipe.

6. Hyderabadi Biryani:

Another classic biryani that everyone loves, the Hyderabadi Biryani is a must-try if you’ve ever said you love biryani. There are 2 versions of Hyderabadi biryani, the first where the chicken is cooked separately and then layered with the rice, and the second where the chicken and rice are cooked together in the same spices and this recipe is the last. The bottom of the handi is covered with bay leaf and the chicken and rice are cooked on it, you can imagine the flavors and aromas in every bite of this heavenly meal. Read the recipe here.

Hyderabadi biryani at the food street

Hyderabadi biryani is one of the most famous briyanis in the world

7. Chicken Biryani Karnatak:

Known locally as gives biryani, this dish is sweet, juicy, and flavorful. The chicken and rice are both cooked in the fresh flavors of cilantro, mint and chili peppers. Try it today and fall in love with this beloved South Indian biryani. Click here for the recipe.

8. Ambur Mouton Biryani:

From the coast of Tamil Nadu comes this tasty treat that is quite simple to make and will be back for more. The chewy and juicy mutton chops soak up the flavor and every bite is heavenly. Want to impress your friends and family with this dish? Read the recipe here.

9. Kozikodan Biryani:

From the far south comes this fairly simple biryani recipe that is sure to be a hit every time you make it. Topped with hard-boiled eggs and buttery chicken, this savory treat is sure to have you craving more. Read the detailed recipe here.


Simple and easy, try this tasty biryani today

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The vast landscape of Indian cuisine covers a lot more than these 9 biryani recipes and there is still a lot of dishes to explore, but for now, try to prepare them and let us know which state you think won in the comments. below.

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