Author KJ Dell’Antonia on his debut novel “The Chicken Sisters” on National Book Lovers Day



Three generations, two henhouses and a recipe for disaster complete the start of a good summer reading. “The Chicken Sisters” is KJ Dell’Antonia’s debut novel and is also a New York Times bestseller.

Set in Kansas, Dell’Antonia takes readers on an interesting story of two small town sisters each trying to use a reality show contest to solve their family fried chicken feud. The story itself is fictional, but KJ says there are some similarities she could relate to.

“The story really came from my experience growing up in Kansas and desperately wanting to get out and be in a small town… and realize that what I had grown up in Kansas wasn’t so bad after all,” says- she.

Ultimately, KJ hopes those who read it can savor life’s simple moments and find grace in the choices we make.

“Hope this reminds you of some of the most important choices you made that you thought would make you happy that didn’t go as planned,” she says. “And I hope you give yourself a little generosity and give your brothers and sisters a little generosity if their choices weren’t yours.”

“The Chicken Sisters” is available wherever books are sold and to learn more about KJ you can find her online at Also, don’t miss her upcoming novel “In Her Boots” which will hit book shelves in 2022.

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