Ahhh … It smells better! Try these masala chicken fries for your Sunday special!

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All of our favorite snacks need to be healthy and nutritious. French fries are not that healthy, but a favorite with everyone, especially children and young people. Without a doubt among the fries, the chicken masala fries are really awesome. As chicken is everyone’s favorite, for your Sunday dish, you can definitely go for chicken masala fries. It’s tasty, crispy and juicy. Here we take a look at the recipe for masala chicken fries.

* 400 grams of boneless chicken.
* Salt, crushed black pepper.
* Red pepper paste and powder.
* Corn starch, cornstarch.
* Lemon juice, garlic cloves.
* Coriander leaves, curry leaves, green peppers, roasted peanuts.

* Take boneless chicken, wash it, remove the water and cut it into pieces like French fries. Place these pieces in a bowl.
* It is a recipe made up of various masala, add salt as needed.
* Add the coriander leaves, curry leaves, chili powder, pieces of green peppers, cloves, lemon juice, cornstarch, red chili sauce, soy sauce and mix well until ‘to obtain a uniform mixture.
* Add the crushed black pepper cornstarch and keep it as it is for a few minutes.
* In a frying pan, take the oil as needed and heat it over high heat and dip the chicken masala fries in it properly and turn them between them until they cook evenly.
* Your crispy and tasty as well as spicy masala chicken fries are ready to serve hot.
* You can enjoy masala chicken fries with the sauce of your choice.

This was the recipe for masala chicken fries and without a doubt your Sunday will be truly amazing and special. You can enjoy this special with your family, friends and loved ones. You can try it at home with these few steps and your regular chicken masala and other things available in the kitchen.

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