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Nashville Hot Chicken Sliders, taken by Andrew Fabian

The term “New Southern” began to appear in the late 2000s to describe the emergence of Southern classics as a serious subject of culinary study. Sean Brock opened Husk 2010 in Charleston, SC with great critical success applying high level expertise to what has been considered low level food for generations. Mashama Bailey has taken Southern cuisine to new heights while simultaneously celebrating the cuisine’s African roots at her Savannah, Ga. Restaurant The Gray. Today, almost every southern city has its own expression of New Southern, and in Sarasota, such an expression sounds like Brick’s Smoked Meats.

The fact that it’s located in a bustling upscale area of ​​downtown itself indicates the elevation of Southern cuisine. Its smoked meats celebrate the Southern barbecue tradition, the inclusion of vegetarian options indicates a modern sensibility, and its fusion options expand the possibilities of the kitchen. For lunch, Nashville’s Hot Chicken Cookie Sliders offer a delicious take on the Tennessee specialty and take a step away from the restaurant’s largely Texan style. Served on cheddar and jalapeño buttermilk cookies, the sliders are spicy, but not so hot as to burn a hole in your pants. Topped with pickled cucumber and poblano coleslaw, the hallmark of these rich mini sandwiches is the fried chicken itself. Crispy and juicy, the chicken offers a satisfying crunch to accompany savory cheddar cookies. For those who feel guilty about ordering fried chicken sliders for lunch, order a side of roasted Brussels sprouts to check a serving of vegetables on your daily to-do list.

Nashville Hot Chicken Sliders, taken by Andrew Fabian

Brick’s Smoked Meats, 1528 State St., Sarasota, 941-933-1435

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