5 chicken recipes to keep you warm and warm during the monsoon


With the heavenly downpour, pristine weather and dark clouds, monsoon season is undoubtedly foodie season. Why do you ask? Well, doesn’t spicy and hot steamed food feel much better when it’s raining a lot outside? And doesn’t chai-pakoda seem even more appetizing if served in the pouring rain? It is surely the case! Now, talking about all of this hot and spicy has made us crave mouthwatering hot and steamy dishes, and what better than a bowl of savory chicken soup or stew for that? Does it sound interesting? We just have the recipes for you.

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Read on for recipes for some of the best and best meat-based stews and soups you can devour in this cold weather:

1. Manchow Chicken Soup:

Starting the list with the classic Manchow Chicken Soup, a crowd favorite and definitely monsoon approved. All you need is pieces of chicken, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, chili sauce, spice it up as you like and your piping hot soup is ready. Read the recipe here.

Manchow soup is the beloved first choice when it comes to soups

2. Bean and Chicken Soup:

A mouthwatering protein soup; it has chicken, kidney beans and bean sprouts. Every sip of this hot, flavorful soup packs a punch and is the fuel you need on those cloudy nights. Read the full recipe here.

3. Cantonese Soup with Chicken:

Cantonese chicken soup is slowly cooked for almost an hour and the results are well worth the wait. The slow cooking process ensures that the soup is filled with flavors from every ingredient used like chicken and mushrooms. Read the full recipe here.


The combination of vegetables and chcien is what makes this soup extra delicious

4. Chicken and Milk Stew:

Loaded with the richness of milk and butter, this creamy white stew is just what you need to brighten up those dark lazy days. The aroma and flavors of lemon zest and sage work wonders in the recipe, pair it with garlic bread and enjoy! Read the recipe here.

5. Ladakhi stew:

This stew is a complete meal on its own, with barely floured dough balls, chicken, paneer and potatoes, you couldn’t ask for more. The variety of ingredients and flavors work together really well and make every bite and sip a delicious, healthy experience. Learn how to do it easily at home, read the recipe here.


Ladhaki soup is a delight to try

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Ready to sip those soups and stews? Make them today and let us know how you liked it in the comments below.

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