1,300 Greek chicken meals: Niko’s wishes to set a record in one day

Restaurant owner Nikos Lippas told Joliet Patch that he plans to sell 1,300 Greek chicken dishes on December 15. Its Joliet take-out and delivery restaurant is located at 20 Ohio Street, on the northern edge of downtown, one block from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. Church.

Niko’s Pizzeria is now taking orders for Greek chicken dinners. By 4 p.m. on Saturday, Niko had already placed 170 Greek chicken orders.

“I feel positive and excited to beat my own record,” commented Lippas. “We’re ready. We’ve fixed the oven, so we hope everything goes as planned.”

Even though the oven that broke mid-afternoon managed to delay hundreds of Greek chicken orders on October 27, Lippas said most of his customers were understanding and very sympathetic to his plight.

On October 27, Nikos Lippas of Niko’s Pizzeria cooked 1,010 Greek chicken dinners, doubling his previous record set in March. John Ferak / Patch

“Even the people who waited an hour or two, just to have the Greek chicken, were willing to wait,” Lippas said on Saturday. “We were excited, and it was a different experience reaching 1000, and now we’re trying to do more because a lot of people didn’t get it, so I hope this time everyone will be able to get it. “

You get half a chicken, Greek potatoes, and Greek rice for $ 9.99. Lippas said he had to increase the price of the dinner by $ 1 due to inflation.

In October, he sold the Greek chicken dishes for $ 8.99. “The chicken has ridden like crazy,” he remarked.

Lippas strongly urges customers to place their orders this weekend, or Tuesday, when it reopens.

Niko’s is closed on Mondays and open from Tuesday to Sunday.

And once he’s sold his 1,300 Greek Chicken Dinners, that’s it.

Lippas said he liked his chances of selling 1,300 Greek chicken dishes. This will be the only food his restaurant offers on Wednesday. It will open at 10:30 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

The phone number to place your take out order with Niko’s Pizzeria is 815-722-8800.

“Then give us a call or come order,” Lippas told Joliet Patch.

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