11 Great Places to Eat BBQ Ribs in Georgia


By Patricia E. Matson

It is a little pointless trying to rank the best barbecue places in Georgia as it all depends on personal preference. Craving pork, dazzled by the brisket, or maybe even craving chicken? Are you a traditionalist (if so, which traditions are your allegiance?), Or do you want to see what kind of sassy new trick a proud pitmaster can create?

Georgia’s many barbecue grills offer all kinds of options to tempt your taste buds and satiate your stomach. If your hunger isn’t so great that the best barbecue is just the one that comes closest to it, you need to narrow down your options before making a choice.

For today, let’s focus on the coasts. Everyone in their right mind agrees that perfectly cooked ribs are juicy meat that is cooked slowly so tenderly that it practically falls off the bone. But the tasting is not limited to the texture. What flavors do people prefer? For ribs lovers, here are a few restaurants to try:

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Fat Matt’s Rib Shack, Atlanta


It’s right there in the name! Pork ribs are our focus here, although you can also get sandwiches, chicken, and a fairly short list of traditional and so tasty southern dishes, such as collard greens, coleslaw, stew. of Brunswick and the sweet potato pie. They keep it simple which allows them to keep it just plain delicious.

Fox Bros Bar-BQ, Atlanta


ExploreGeorgia.org raves about the ‘smokehouse sensations’ including the ‘colossal prime rib’ you can get here. When they opened their restaurant in 2007, Jonathan and Justin Fox brought their Texan roots to the table. Besides the wonderful meat, customers delight in the side dishes, from “Texas fries” that include minced brisket, to roasted Brussels sprouts. Many comment: “You will not leave hungry.

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Heirloom Market BBQ, Sandy Springs


On the outskirts of the Atlanta subway, the married co-owners of Heirloom Market combine their South and Korean heritages for a unique range of flavors. Enough adventurous eaters adore the rubbed and smoked gochujang ribs, plus all the extras, that the queue to pick up takeout (as they don’t have a lot of tables) extends far beyond from the door most of the time.

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Wiley’s Championship BBQ, Savannah


The name was earned because the late Wiley McCrary was repeatedly honored at barbecue competitions before opening the restaurant in 2005. The restaurant itself has won several honors, and the St. Louis Cut Ribs are one of the main reasons for this. But also, if you’re here, try the “Redneck Nachos” (in fact, they’re filled with homemade chips, including pulled pork and barbecue sauce).

Bowtie Barbecue Co., Savannah


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Hand rubbed hardwood smoked pork ribs are a very popular entree here, although there are plenty of other mouthwatering items worthy of attention. In addition to food, Bowtie has an extensive collection of whiskey that can be paired with any barbecue item. Plus, if you’re on the move in town, you might also spot the BowTie’s food truck!

Sconyers Bar-B-Que, Augusta


Of course, it’s on the list! Founded in 1956, Sconyers has been served on the White House lawn and is a perennial favorite on lists of the best barbecue grills. While pulled pork is a top menu favorite, Sconyers’ St. Louis ribs are well worth a bite.

Sconyers Bar-B-Que

Williamson brothers barbecue, Marietta


Ribs for everyone! You can choose from ribs, back ribs or beef ribs, along with other barbecue favorites and side dishes. Founded in Marietta in 1990, the restaurant has added locations in Canton and Douglasville.

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Q community barbecue, Decatur

The thick and juicy St. Louis ribs are a big favorite here. Enjoy the family cuisine and atmosphere; choose from a small menu with great flavor.

Jomax barbecue, Metter


Try country-style ribs or ribs at this friendly restaurant, named in honor of Joe and Maxine Hulsey, who founded it over 30 years ago.

Miller Brothers Rib Shack, Dalton


St. Louis style ribs are the thing here. ExploreGeorgia.com says to ask for the Dragon Lady sauce if you want your ribs to be a little warmer.

Willie Jewell's Old School Bar-BQ serves a large platter of beef brisket over fries and more.

Willie Jewell’s Old School Bar-BQ, Marietta


Yes, this restaurant has 16 locations and was founded in Florida, but don’t beat yourself up! There are reasons it’s become a chain, and it’s very popular among fans of Georgia’s St. Louis-style ribs.

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