August 9, 2019

Quick credit to fix the car

We can make a list with endless contingencies that can ruin the daily economy. The disbursement may be due to illness, a broken appliance or having a problem with the car. All are serious situations but many people use the car daily to work or to mobilize.

Perhaps the inconvenience is not something mechanical that we can anticipate, but something totally surprising as a shock! What do we do in that situation where you need the car urgently and can’t wait to collect the insurance money? In this article we tell you how to get a quick credit to fix your car.


How do I repair my car if I don’t have money?

car insurance

Sheet metal and paint, change of covers, service, do the VTV: there are many things that we can solve with something more silver. Having the car in condition is key to preserving our safety and that of everyone traveling with us. Avoiding the service or an arrangement for lack Juliet before leaving the route, can be much more expensive in the long term. Luckily, we can access a quick Juliet credit to fix the car in a few steps:

  • I defined the Amount : You have our simulator that will help you see how your personal loan will be formed. On our page the loans are between $ 3,000 and $ 8,000. In this way, you will be able to see if our credit helps you to make that arrangement that you had in mind.
  • Registration : then, we must register and complete a short form with our personal and bank information. All data is confidential. This information is essential for your personal loan to be granted quickly, conveniently and super securely.
  • Confirmation : If the request is approved, you will receive a notification. Then, the required money will be transferred to your bank account.

In addition to being practical, you use silver for what you need and when the due date of the first installments arrives you are deducted directly from your account. Another point to keep in mind of fast credits are the simple requirements to meet:

  1. Be over 18 years old.
  2. Be Argentine or foreigner with ID.
  3. Have legal capacity to contract.
  4. Have a minimum of six (6) months of seniority.
  5. The Applicant must be a bank account holder in one of the
  6. Financial Entities regulated by Law 21,526.


Recommendations to fix the car

Recommendations to fix the car

Keeping the car in good condition is very important to maintain its proper functioning and not be devalued so quickly. Over the years, most cars begin to lose their initial brightness but we can take some steps to extend their lifespan:

  • Pay attention to the correct alignment of the tires
  • Review the manufacturer’s recommendations in the engine maintenance section
  • After starting the car, wait a few minutes before starting to circulate to allow time for the oil to properly lubricate the engine

With these tips you can keep your car in good condition, do not miss the opportunity to go for a walk with your family!

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