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Johnson's Cider Mill opened in the late 1920's, a little place for the locals to visit and enjoy fresh cider. The back room, which now holds the big screen for your viewing pleasure, was originally a little apartment where the owners lived and watched over their little mill.

The Johnson's sold the place to the Maynes about 1939. The Maynes lived in the little apartment the whole time that they owned the bar. They extended the front of the building about 10 feet to accommodate the growing crowd of patrons.

Jim Demas and his wife bought the Cider Mill in 1963. They added the "hard stuff" to their selection of beer, wine and cider--a welcome note for many of their customers. In 1965, Jim bought a franchise and Fryer Tuck was opened. It is run just about the same now as it was then. Unfortunately, however, this is the last Fryer Tuck around, and many of our customers miss the convenience of having a Fryer Tuck close by. Now they travel--no matter the miles-- for our famous chicken, spuds and dip.

Ed and Peggy Erickson bought the Cider Mill in 1988 and right off started remodeling the "Mill". Their first feat was to convert the apartment into the back room that we have today. They then added the very back room and put in a cozy fireplace and pool table area. In the last few years, they added the copper ceiling and the log cabin look to the outside. They have been very successful in creating a comfortable cozy atmosphere for our patrons.

Toby and Lisa Harris bought the Cider Mill and Fryer Tuck Restaurant in January of 2009 from Ed and Peggy. 

Toby went to Robert Gray middle school then went on to Wilson High School and Portland State University.  He grew up within view of his childhood home from the Cider Mill.  He was a police officer for several years before buying "The Mill".   

Lisa is from Salem Oregon and went to Portland State University as well.  She works for Boise Paper in Vancouver. 

They took over the Cider Mill and instantly began to clean it up and remodel.  The back room is now opened up for events such as birthday parties and other big functions.  The non-smoking ban took place in January 2009 and has been "a positive change" for the Cider Mill.  They plan to be here for at least the next 20 years.